These are the Terms and Conditions for the use of this website and its services and the agreement that is between You and the Company/website i.e. FIRST LOVE TRAVELLING. These Terms and Conditions sets the full rights and obligations for all users who will/do use any of our services on the website i.e. FIRST LOVE TRAVELLING.

Your access to the use of our Services is determined on Your acceptance of and agreement with these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions sue to all buyers, visitors, users, customers and others who access or use our services on this website.

By accessing or using the services on this website, you are bound to accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions. If You disapprove any part or whole of these Terms and Conditions, then You may not be facilitated with our services.


Passengers are required to immediately analyze all details of their booking in order to verify passenger names, address, contact number, email address, date of birth, airfare, arrival/departure airports, and accommodations. Please notify us straight away if any omissions and/or corrections are required in your booking details. Passengers will be responsible for the verification of the accuracy of theirs LEGAL first & last names.


Passengers take the responsibility to confirm all documentation requirements for all passports, visa and vaccination on their own. They take sole responsibility for any and all damages that may occur as a result of Passenger failure to abide by applicable documentation requirements. This includes but not limited to the requirement that all Passengers acquire, and have their proper travel documents, with them at all times. We accept no responsibility if you are declined to enter into the flight or into any country due to failure on your part to carry the correct travel documents.


We accept Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal and American Express as our payment methods. If payment is not received by  on or before the Deposit Due Date, reservations will spontaneously be cancelled. Please contact us as soon as possible, if you think that you will be not able to pay on time.


Prices quoted by are not promised until payment is fully paid. Pricing and availability could be change at any time and we are not liable of informing you. You understand and agree that we are not responsible for any errors in any of our quotes or advertisements or what is including on our website or the errors that may occur as a result of wrong info.  from third parties.

We reserve the full rights to charge you for any increase or decrease in taxes or fees. We also reserve the right to correct any kind of errors in both advertised and confirmed prices on our website.


  1. General Conditions for Air Transport

Airline tickets are highly non-refundable and non-transferable. Any changes in the passenger names, dates and times is the only responsibility of the airline and, if accepted, will likely occur in change fee. You are responsible for any kind of such fees. With regard to the purchase of air tickets, we act simply as a source or agent between you and the airline.

  1. Prohibited Practices

You acknowledge that you will not slew from your booking by making any unscheduled stay or break. Throwaway Ticketing and Hidden City Ticketing is not allowed. If a ticket is purchased and used in violation of our rules, we and the applicable air carrier take all actions against you, which is permitted by law. They may include:

  • Decline the ticket
  • Inactive any unused flight coupons
  • Refuse to board you
  • Refuse to carry your baggage
  • Take legal action.
  1. Loss of Air Tickets

You acknowledge to keep safe your tickets and accept any and all costs related to loss or theft of your Air Ticket. We advise you to report to the police as soon as possible in case you lose your air ticket.

  1. Luggage

Every airline has their own policy related to luggage. Please check with your airline ahead of time for any kind of restrictions and additional charges relating to the checked baggage. The respective airline is responsible to you for the baggage you entrust to them. In the case of any damage, theft or loss of luggage, contact your airline and inform them of your damage.


All ratings are as provided by the relevant service provider and hence we do not have any liability over that. We just give them to you to give a guide to the services and facilities you should expect from your accommodation. Rating may change among countries and so do not guarantee the correctness any ratings given.

Policies regarding check-in and check-out of rooms often change by the respective hotel and/or country, so it is your responsibility to check that on your own. We do not guarantee any accommodations, activity provider, or facilities advertised on our side to meet the special needs of disabled clients.


All cancellations MUST be in writing and sent to our contact form. Cancellations sent to any other address will not be processed. Upon making the booking, you hereby acknowledge responsibility  for all cancellation fees imposed by us and the supplier.


We strongly recommend travel insurance protection. When you travel due to us, we have a liability to recommend the purchase of travel protection to protect both you and your vacation.

By declining travel protection, you accept responsibility for any sort of cancellation penalties or damages. You also the liability for arranging and paying for any treatment in case of a medical emergency while traveling.


These Terms and Conditions may have been translated (by google or any other source) if We have made them available to You on our Services/website. You fully agree to the condition that the English text on this Page shall prevail in the case of a dispute of any kind.


The Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time without notice. It is therefore necessary that you consult the Terms and Conditions before making each and every booking.


If any allocation of these Terms is held to be invalid, such allocation will be changed and stopped to accomplish the goals of such allocations to the greatest possible extent under the applicable law and the remaining allocations will continue in full force and effect.


If you have any queries or complaints about these Terms and Conditions, you can directly leave your message in our contact form.